I didn’t always think I would run for office. I was a teen dad and high school dropout who didn’t think government did much for people like me. In 1991, after seeing a corporation fire two employees for being gay, I realized I needed to get involved. I organized activists to the streets and the courts to get fair employment practices for LGBT workers. I went back to school and I started working for progressive change.

As National Director for Internet Outreach for Democrats Work, I helped form a network of progressive blogs and websites to organize the grassroots around the country. More importantly, we worked in our communities planting trees, painting schools and showing that politics wasn’t something that just happened in back rooms and under gold domes.

That activism showed me it was time to bring that politics of service to the state capitol where it was lacking. This started me on a path to working at our state capitol, where I founded the first green caucus, which focused on practical legislation to protect our environment. We brought our legislators out to the community through town halls and legislative updates. I’m proud that we made government more accessible.

Now I’m asking for your support to continue this work as our Democratic State Representative from House District 2.


  • 5 Years working at the State Capitol
  • Nonprofit Staff and Board Member
  • Small Business Manager
  • Elected Officer of the Democratic Party

I’m proud to have built a life in Platt Park, with our home over at Lincoln and Louisiana. My wife Barb, my son Jeremy, and I share the house with our bouncy new puppy and an old cat who would rather have some quiet.

When Barb's parents retired, they bought the house right across the street from ours, and just over on S. Washington my older son, Chris, is packing up his place to move off to his first job out of law school.

With one son who recently graduated from D.U. Law, another son still dreaming of being big enough for McKinley Thatcher Elementary, and a 3rd on the way, you can imagine that my life has taken a number of turns. It certainly has been a long journey from my childhood in Michigan. But throughout my life, some things have stayed constant. I have always worked to bring people together for progressive change. Every project that I have taken on was in large part an invitation to those around me to participate in ways they feared were closed off to them.

The challenges we face in our State are nothing compared to the genius in our neighborhoods. I have proven my ability to shape legislation and to navigate it through our Assembly, but more importantly I have proven my commitment to bring new voices into the conversation, and to be a bridge, a guide, or just a friend to anyone trying to move our community forward.